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To open an enterprise in Ukraine, one must fulfill pre-registration tasks such as deciding on the company profile and drafting its charter

Once this is done, you can file for registration with local authorities to confirm it once completed. After getting confirmation from them about your new business' existence, there are still more steps that need executing before beginning any type of operations like fulfilling post-registration duties.

It includes anything ranging from establishing bank accounts or tax obligations depending on what kind of regulations apply where each city operates under strict law codes so make sure these details have been ironed out beforehand.


Where to start after deciding to launch an enterprise in Ukraine


  • Find a trusted local company to guide you through the forest of government laws and systems. This is GT Invest. The first point is passed;
  • Pre-registration: drawing up a statute and order for registering a company;
  • Registration of a company and simultaneous opening of a bank account;
  • Search for premises;
  • Hiring an employee;
  • Submission of the first tax report.
With the help of GT Invest, you can open a business in Ukraine and get it off to success with its many services

These include relevant market research for your needs and strategy development necessary when choosing where best to expand into or what products/services would work well based on current conditions. Planning how much time should go into each step during project implementation, from setting up office space right Down to getting licensed paperwork filed correctly. And finally, developing software product offerings, so people know exactly why they chose this particular enterprise over others.

If you have a strong idea and want to implement it in Ukraine, let's act together! We know how to start a business and make it profitable!
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