Investing in the Qatari aircraft business in Ukraine
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Ukraine is decisive airpower, and its talented engineers have been working to make it even stronger

There are five design bureaus in Ukraine, including rocket plant Yuzhnoye, which has developed dozens of planes for both military and commercial. Such as the Condor that was once known across NATO was a giant cargo plane until replaced by another Antonov aircraft Mriia from this same Kyiv-based bureau! Eight factories produce airplanes, fighter jets, satellites, space navigation systems, etc., proving just how many things can come out right away when you've got some serious talent on hand, ready, willing+able at any moment.

Ukraine is a country that has an abundance of resources and can produce what it needs. While they import many things, one thing they do not need to be imported from other countries is airplanes because everything necessary for this process is located right on Ukrainian soil!

Ukraine's aerospace industry cooperates with NASA, NATO, and SpaceX. It shows how interconnected their sphere already appears with international partnerships.

What the Ukrainian government has undertaken for investors from Qatar:
  • Signing with the European Union Treaty on the Common Aviation Space;
  • Creation of a national air carrier and attraction of external investments in this project;
  • Development and adoption of the scientific and technical program for aircraft construction development until 2030.

Ukraine is developing a second satellite to help SpaceX deliver scientific cargo to the Moon and upgrade their state-owned aerospace concerns. GT Invest has information on how to in recent years. Investments in your aviation business find merger opportunities with Ukrainian companies investing in space exploration too!

If you have a strong idea and want to implement it in Ukraine, let's act together! We know how to start a business and make it profitable!
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