Alternative energy

Participation of Qatari business in the green energy market in Ukraine
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It has been a global concern for some time now, and it seems like Ukraine will not be an exception

The rapid industrialization of our everyday life made searching for alternative energy sources necessary even here in the East Europe Union! So how do they support this healthy commitment? Well, with all sorts of measures: government funding to develop green technology. Special "green tariffs" promote environmentally-friendly methods or renewable resources such as wind power generation. When you consider what works best depending on climate change goals (or lack thereof) within your specific country’s needs, there are plenty of options. 

Ukraine has long been a country that uses coal to generate electricity. However, since October 28th of 2021, at the Glasgow Summit on Climate Change and Air Pollution, Ukraine pledged to abandon using coal until 2030 and lead by example for other countries with ambition when it comes down to reducing greenhouse gases in their emissions footprint. 

Ukraine can be proud: during these last few years, many steps were taken both nationally and internationally towards adopting green strategies while still maintaining strong economic growth rates, which will continue.

For you, as a Qatari investor, these projects are vacant to participate:
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