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Purchase of land in Ukraine for Saudi Arabia citizens
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One of the most profitable niches for investment in Ukraine is its land market

his is open to everyone, including foreigners and stateless people who own property there and corporations looking at buying or building facilities abroad with an eye on making money off these properties' appreciation over time.

What is the process for buying land in Ukraine, and how does it differ from other countries?

Any citizen of a friendly country can purchase property on this site, but agricultural plots are only available to residents of Ukraine. The agro-land market opened last July 1st with some limitations, such as registration procedures that need completing before ownership becomes official.

Until 2024, procedures for the transfer of land ownership are available only to citizens in Ukraine. Every Ukrainian has the right to buy a total of 100 hectares of land for agricultural purposes. In 2024, a national referendum will be held, which will decide on the sale of land to citizens of other countries.

Today, citizens of Saudi Arabia can buy land in Ukraine for any purpose, as well as to conduct business on farmland through citizens of Ukraine.

Your authorized representative in Ukraine — GT Invest.

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