Investing in the Saudi Arabia aviation business in Ukraine
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NATO, as the Condor, was the largest cargo plane globally for a long time until it was replaced by the Mriia, an aircraft of the same Ukrainian design bureau

There are five design bureaus on the territory of Ukraine, including the rocket and space giant Yuzhnoye.

Ukraine has a long history in the aerospace industry. They've been developing and producing high-tech aircraft since they were first created, giving them an edge over other countries trying to catch up with this type of technology.

The military developments alone make Ukrainians proud because it ensures stability for their country while also bringing jobs opportunities at home through manufacturing bulk orders from abroad or even making parts required locally using domestic suppliers if necessary despite some issues such as economic factors, which keep many people underrated when looking purely into career options.

Ukraine has been a hotbed for space exploration over the past few years, with its aerospace industry being at an all-time high

Military and passenger aircraft were developed with world record holders cargo planes: the AN-225 Mriia and Ruslan. With such expertise, it is no surprise why investors are coming from abroad to participate in this growing sector.

What the Ukrainian government has undertaken for investors from Saudi Arabia:

  • Signing with the European Union Treaty on the Common Aviation Space;
  • Creation of a national air carrier and attraction of external investments in this project;
  • Development and adoption of the scientific and technical program for aircraft construction development until 2030.
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