Saudi Arabian opportunities of IT in Ukraine
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Over the years, investors have believed in Ukraine's IT sector, which develops steadily with many countries interested

This area has been widely sought after because it brings innovation and new ideas into play.

IT in Ukraine demonstrates the following statistics:

  • More than 170 thousand software developers (experts forecast that this number will reach 300 thousand by 2025)
  • Hundreds and even thousands of companies worldwide are interested in information technology services in Ukraine
  • In 2019, more than 500 million were invested in various developments and startups, with this indicator already approaching a billion in 2020 and being likely to exceed this amount
  • More than 20 companies from the Ukraine IT industry are ranked among the top 100 outsourcing companies

The IT sector in Ukraine is booming. It has one of the highest annual growth rates — 15-30% compared with global indicators at less than 10%. Many large corporations and well-known brands encourage companies from this country as they believe that there are sufficient resources for them to do so.

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