Investing in the automobile industry in Ukraine for a Turkish businessman 
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The Ukrainian automotive industry continues its steady growth, with more production and higher sales than ever before

The country's assembly factories provide passenger cars for significant sectors in need of these vehicles and trucks that can be used by public transportation systems or construction companies alike.

This has made them extremely popular in domestic markets where demand is high. Still, supplies are low, while abroad to buyers favor the ruggedness they offer over other foreign brands' luxury offerings.

Many prominent car manufacturers have set up shop here because, just like anywhere else, there are always consumers looking around at different makes rather than sticking solely to their brand name

The automotive industry in Ukraine is rising, and it's getting more expensive to invest in. The country has invested over $600 million since 20 world-known manufacturers placed their capacities there.

It brings up to 30 factories that produce cars for all sorts of transports. Both budget price or premium class vehicles are made with parts coming from other countries like China — but now I'll get back into focus about how profitable investment can be.

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