Warehousing for your business in Ukraine
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If you're starting a business in Ukraine, renting space for your warehouse is essential. Many types of companies require specific areas and sizes; depending on what kind of company you have, the potential will be evaluated accordingly.

If renting out warehouses sounds like something worthwhile consideration, consider checking into Ukrainian businesses with multiple locations across different parts of Ukraine and Europe.

Popular Business Structures

LLC is the most popular form of business in Ukraine, with registration required for a tax ID and company formation. Once you have these things done, it's possible to rent warehouse space here.

A sole proprietorship is a legal structure for small business owners to open bank accounts and investments as individuals. Some of the requirements that one must follow include registering with Ukrainian tax law, complying with labor laws in their country/state.

Setting up a branch office

You can open an account in Ukraine for processing payments, with your warehouse falling into jurisdiction so long as it falls under one country or organization.

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