Investing in the United Arab Emirates aviation business in Ukraine
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For decades, the Ukrainian aerospace industry has been at the forefront of space exploration

Ukrainians are well developed and technologically advanced because we have active developments that have significantly contributed to the study of aviation and space.

Our country produces and designs shuttles, aircraft, launch vehicles, and components for rockets/spaceships, helicopters, probes, navigation systems, and IT solutions for the aerospace industry.

Air achievements of Ukraine
  • Ukraine is an honorary member of the Space Powers Club;
  • Ukraine collaborates with SpaceX and NASA;
  • Based on Ukrainian production, international technical orders are developed and implemented, as well as their planes, shuttles, and satellites are being created;
  • The rich aerospace and aircraft-building history of Ukraine is conducive to a more extensive acquaintance.


As one of the world's leading aerospace engineering industries, Ukraine offers an attractive investment opportunity for foreign investors

For example, Ukraine is a motherland home to military aircraft and passenger planes, developed in this field. AN-225 Mriya holds the record, and Ruslan — two the most giant cargo planes globally.

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