Automotive industry

Investing in the car industry of Ukraine for people in business from UAE

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Ukraine has an automotive industry powerful enough to supply domestic and foreign markets with its production

Many automobile concerns have located their factories in Ukrian because it is profitable. Educated workforce, low taxes, cheap export of finished goods.

The attraction of investments in the automotive industry
  • Already $600 mln has been invested in the Ukrainian automotive industry;
  • 20 world-known manufacturers have placed their capacities on the country's territory;
  • More than 30 factories produce cars and components for them.
International car brands are turning to software to produce more efficient and higher quality cars with current technology, and they need an assist from Ukraine's IT sector

 The country has become one of the world’s top three providers of IT expertise.

The auto industry in Ukraine is a flourishing sector of the country's economy. It relies heavily on European automobile clusters to Central and Eastern Europe for parts, supplies, expertise, and inspiration.

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