Opportunities for investors from the UAE in various areas of production in Ukraine

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According to governmental data, Ukraine has some of the most competitive opportunities in the manufacturing

The sector employed almost a quarter of Ukraine's population, with strong prospects for future growth. It is because it is one area where there are no shortages or restrictions on foreign investment as long as they conform with Ukrainian law and regulations.

The industry of heavy manufacturing has been experiencing positive changes in recent years. It continues to thrive, with the light manufacturing also displaying excellent performance and continuing its development. Because it is an attractive destination for investment. In addition, both sectors are developing, which is good news because they provide jobs right away.

Advantages of the location of industrial facilities on the territory of Ukraine


  • rich raw material base;
  • advantageous location of the country for import and export;
  • availability of a base for almost every branch of the industry.

Experts have noted that the Ukraine manufacturing industry is upswing due to investment inflow. This allows for high-quality production, which creates new job opportunities and generally improves positions of this sector in society as a whole.

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