Participation in the agricultural machinery market for investors from Australia
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As an agricultural country, Ukraine is actively developing all areas involved in increasing the volume and quality of the crop

Our scientists and breeders are at the forefront of developing new ways of cultivating and caring for Ukrainian grain and fruits. No less important is the technology that will work in the fields.

What has included in the agricultural machinery sector: tractors, combine harvesters, tillage machinery, sowing technology, fertilization and field processing equipment, feed preparation technology, equipment for processing and loading grain.

If you, as a business representative in Venezuela, are considering investing in the agricultural machinery sector in Ukraine, you may consider the following options
  • production of machinery;
  • import and distribution of drones;
  • provision of a car park for the care of crops for rent;
  • It is only part of all the diversity that awaits you in Ukraine.
In addition to standard tractors, combines and elevators, in recent years in Ukraine, care with the help of drones is irreversibly gaining popularity. Watering and droning increases yield and crop health

In addition, the drones do not trample the beds with the wheels during the irrigation process, which preserves the crop and allows it to develop to its fullest.

All this equipment is produced and serviced in Ukraine. And the demand for this type of equipment never falls.

Call GT Invest and find out everything about the agricultural business of Ukraine. Our professionals will devote you to all legal and economic aspects of doing business in Ukraine, draw up a plan for you, and help you launch your business in our country.

If you have a strong idea and want to implement it in Ukraine, let's act together! We know how to start a business and make it profitable!
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