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Participation of Venezuelan business in the green energy market in Ukraine
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Perhaps the most pressing issue on the world's agenda is a healthy environmental background. The rapid industrial activity to maintain everyday life made searching for alternative energy sources necessary

Like the rest of the world, Ukraine supports a healthy commitment to greening its life. Therefore, took the following measures:

  • government funding for the development of alternative energy sources
  • special “green tariffs” for the use of environmentally friendly energy production methods
  • government support for programs and businesses aimed at introducing alternative energy sources
October 1, 2021, Ukraine's commitments under the Association agreement with the European Union. And already, on October 28, 2021, at the environmental summit in Glasgow, Ukraine pledged to abandon the use of coal until 2030

And this was not an unreasonable decision because our country is already actively adhering to the developed green strategy. For you, as a foreign investor, these projects are vacant to participate:

  • Building Hydrogen corridor through Ukraine, Germany, Czech Republic, and Slovakia;
  • Launch of biomethane stations;
  • Solar Farms: hectares of solar panels;
  • Plants for the processing of plastic and paper;
  • Installation of wind farms in the steppes and coastlines.
The main advantages of investing in alternative energy in Ukraine are these sources' renewability, constancy, and abundance in our country. GT Invest is your guide to the country's renewable energy investments

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