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GTInvest ensures the provision of integrated services
Relevant market environment research and analysis, depending on the project.
Strategy development and a phased plan for the project implementation refining.
Business model management organization.
Individual software product development.
We know how to create and successfully conduct business in Ukraine.
Also, we have experience in developing and implementing investment business projects.
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The GTInvest team aims for a long-term partnership. Therefore, the company's activities are based on the following principles:
Trust: cooperation without corruption and speculative schemes
Transparent and clear business relations
Out of the box thinking
Why Ukraine
Favorable economic and geographical position
High innovative and intellectual potential
Extensive natural resource opportunities
Relatively "lighter" procedure for creating a business
Human Resources
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, 22, 2024
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한국, 2024년 우크라이나에 2억 달러의 인도적 지원 약속
덴마크, 우크라이나의 군사 능력 향상을 위해 거의 2억 9500만 유로의 새로운 지원 패키지 약속
, 17, 2024
덴마크, 우크라이나의 군사 능력 향상을 위해 거의 2억 9500만 유로의 새로운 지원 패키지 약속
Implemented project — Ukrprompostach trade network
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Ukrprompostach-95 LLC is a vertically integrated agricultural holding. A number of companies engaged in crop production, animal husbandry, feed production and meat processing are united for one cause: to create a consistently high-quality product. The company has become one of the elite sausage brands and is counted among the top Ukrainian meat processing industry companies.
Agroholding operates on the principle of relay. Each structural unit is responsible for its own processes. The interaction of companies and the team synergy provides effective results to investors, benefits for all participants and respect from consumers
The task of GTInvest was to create the final link of the agricultural holding — a branded retail network that will ensure the stability of external demand for its own products, rebranding and further promotion of the brand.
We have created a successful business — retail network, which includes more than 10 active branded stores fitted with innovative software.

This IT solution provides an opportunity to monitor and analyze the performance of products every minute, and to see the real state of affairs online 24\7 from anywhere in the world.
It is easy to open a store, but it is true art keeping it open.
Business requires constant motion: development, renewal, improvement. If a business stands still, it gradually declines.
How did we manage to implement the company's idea?
Long-term strategy
We have developed a clear plan for each stage of the project and provided all the necessary legal support to create a retail network.
We were truly concerned with every task — from the selection of the necessary premises, design, equipment to recruitment issues.
The company was founded in 1995 and was known in the market as a time-tested quality manufacturer. Nevertheless, the brand's marketing strategy needed an update in line with current trends.
Introduction of innovative technologies
Integrated technologies of reporting and management are shedding light to the real situation in the company. With the help of up-to-date software, objective information from the lower levels of product sales can flow directly to the owner. In this way, we provide complete control over the actual performance of the business.
Large-scale projects are not created solo, but the beginning of every successful business is a bold decision of one person.

In 2012, under my leadership, the implementation of the idea of ​​Ukrprompostach-95 as an investment project has began.
My contribution:
- conceptual strategy
- trade network creation
- legal support
- introduction of operational and role business model
- recruitment
- management of the newly created project
- rebranding of the company, brand promotion

Alexey Prokhorenko
Founder and CEO of GTInvest

основатель укрпромпостач
company is boat
Every company is formed by people, their interaction and complementarity.

In my own experience, I am convinced that the effectiveness of joint and purposeful teamwork qualitatively exceeds the effects of individual work.

Synergy makes it possible to "go beyond" and create something ambitious and large-scale.

Only honest relationships, built on trust and mutual understanding, can give a competitive advantage.
Every relationship is a work, first of all above oneself. Therefore, one of my priorities is the constant personal and professional self- & team development.
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