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Heat Pumps for business in Ukraine

A heat pump brings heat to your home or business. Contrary to the name, it also has cooling features. They are efficient machines and can create a much more comfortable indoor environment. Whether you are considering going into the heat pump business or looking for a heat pump for your business, we are going to introduce them in more detail.

The Types of Heating Pumps

A heating pump is split into two main categories: a ground source or air source pump. An air source heating pump is easier to understand. What it does is exchanging the air inside and outside the walls of your home or company to balance the heat. Air source options are more suited for residential purposes.

The other types, which are ground source heat pumps, change the air inside your home and exchange it with air on the ground outside. Ground types are more efficient compared to the air counterparts, which means they cost less in utility bills overall. However, to save more, you have to spend more. Ground source heat pumps are pricier to install.

We would advise opting for the second option if you are deciding on which heat pump to install in your offices or warehouses.

Your heat transformer, or heat pump transformer, is the part of the heating pump that is responsible for the temperature regulation of your space. The electrical current will flow through the coils and transform them into the right temperature wave.

Mini-split heat pumps

Mini-split heat pumps don't need the cumbersome ducts that can be an eyesore to operate. A mini-split heat pump is the best option for renovations and add-ons, especially for structures that do not have existing ducts. Heat pumps mini splits are much more convenient than ones that use ducts to pump out the air.

Don't worry if you need to both cool and heat your space because a heat pump mini split can offer both. These are electric heat pump options that won't cost too much to install and cost less to operate as well.


Which one should you choose? If you have an existing duct system in your building, we would always advise making full use of that. There is no point to go ductless (unless for aesthetic reasons) if you have the system in place. Otherwise, a mini-split heat pump is an excellent choice for add-ons to your home or business. For larger commercial use, we would suggest ground source heat pumps as they are more cost-efficient and offer better performance in the long run.

If you have a strong idea and want to implement it in Ukraine, let's act together! We know how to start a business and make it profitable!
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