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Leaflet - a small advertising informative flyer, which is used for distribution in promotions. Typically, such a leaflet qualifies for some kind of discount upon presentation. Colorful, eye-catching and informative, made on thin glossy paper, such a piece of paper keeps attention for a long time.

Of course, before ordering the printing of leaflets, you should find out how cost-effective their use is.

The leaflet is the most popular type of advertising. In our fast-paced age, all information is most often acquired on the go.

You left the office, at the exit from the underpass, a kind girl offered you a leaflet, in a minute you are already sitting on the bus and getting acquainted with the products of the newly opened store, or a retail outlet located away from the central streets, however, rich in an assortment of quality goods. Often, this is how they find their own, then for many years a favorite, a store or a fitness club, or maybe a cozy cafe, atelier, or a dental clinic.

Another option is to take the flyers out of the mailbox. And then it may turn out that information about products or services that have been needed for a long time has been delivered directly to your home, but there was somehow no time to find them.

We can say about these cases - the product has found a buyer. However, not so simple. There are key points, thanks to which ads are carefully studied, and not immediately sent to the basket:

  • the leaflet should be aesthetically attractive, retain attention, interest;
  • the leaflet should stand out among other advertisements;
  • information about goods and services in the leaflet should be stated clearly, meaningfully and easily for perception;
  • the flyer must maintain interest until the end of the familiarization process.


To print leaflets to help your business, you need to know many subtleties of not only printing but also distributing leaflets, an advantageous size of circulation in this or that case of advertising, and even when choosing an area. FromAtoZ printing house has undoubted experience in this direction and competent staff who are able to take into account your wishes and give valuable advice. Advertising has always been the engine of business, but only professionally and efficiently printed advertising.

If you have a strong idea and want to implement it in Ukraine, let's act together! We know how to start a business and make it profitable!
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