Insurance company Ingo
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INGO - More than 25 years of loss compensation practices for our clients

INGO in numbers

  • 83.0% client, satisfied with the service 
  • 42 $ mln have been indemnified to 1 company
  •  827 $ mln have been paid for medical services

Billions invested in crop, livestock, aquaculture and other agricultural businesses are exposed to numerous natural and financial risks, disease risks and so on.

INGO strives to provide reliable specialized protection in agriculture with a constant focus on quality expertise and risk management. The company's capabilities are based on a wide range of experience gathered in all segments of agriculture, regions and risk classes.

INGO ecosystem

agents / brokers

car insurance partners

partner medical institutions

INGO Group - working in a single chain: 

  • customers,
  • shareholders,
  • partners,
  • employees,
  • society 

They are interconnected and interdependent. The INGO Group works together to achieve common goals and make insurance coverage affordable, simple and reliable.


Commercial vehicles need much better protection, because they have a completely different nature of use, which is significantly different from private. Even if it is a company car. Even more features arise in the operation of freight, passenger transport and other specialized vehicles that require a specialized approach to risk. INGO has been working with companies like yours for over 25 years and assesses risks solely to the specifics of the business to offer you special individual coverage for both the people and the vehicles they work on. INGO's goal is to get your vehicles back to work as soon as possible so you can continue your business.

If you have a strong idea and want to implement it in Ukraine, let's act together! We know how to start a business and make it profitable!
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