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Warehouse services provided by LOGISTIC PLUS UKRAINE
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Logistic Plus Ukraine is a logistics company located in Ukraine. As a seasoned logistics services provider, Logistic Plus Ukraine also offers warehouse services. Not only can they fulfill your supply chain demands, freight forwarding, and customs brokering, among many others, they also have the ability to provide commercial and industrial warehouse services.

Logistic Plus has been in the logistics game for over two decades. They pride themselves on quick services completed in a timely manner. Their global network is extensive, which has an advantage for warehousing services. Their reach is present in many major countries around the world, including the US, Canada, France, Germany, Japan, Taiwan, Australia, Ukraine, and the UK, to name a few.

With a global network such as these come offices, agents, and warehouses that are established in these locations. No matter where you require the service for warehouse needs, the company is able to meet your needs.

Warehousing Service and Distribution

What exactly does the service for warehousing with Logistic Plus Ukraine entail? The options offered by this company can extend as far as total warehouse management. This means Logistic Plus Ukraine can take over and control the inbound and outbound processes with support should you need it.

They can pack and ship your cargo or goods to meet your fulfillment requirements, even work with Amazon as your 3PL warehouse services provider, and make full use of their broad warehousing network.

There are only a few service warehouse facilities that operate at full capacity, and they are all located in the United States. However, access to other partial service warehouse facilities around the world will also be at your disposal.

Why Work with Logistic Plus Ukraine?

What are the advantages of working with Logistic Plus Ukraine, and how do their services set them apart from the rest of the competition?

First of all, the warehouse environments are always clean, safe, and secure. This logistics company prides itself on maintaining the cleanliness of the warehouses and takes much care in handling and storing your products.

They also offer a variety of management systems to keep track of your inventory that can make the process easier and faster.

One of the primary purposes of utilizing a third-party logistics company such as Logistic Plus Ukraine is the in-between communication they offer. They handle everything from start to finish, which saves time and prevents processing errors.

They try their best to provide you with a low cost and the convenience of having warehouses located close to you and your clients.


Working with Logistic Plus Ukraine includes more than just distribution advantages and efficient warehousing services. They also stand by their services and offer impeccable customer support every step of the way. Not only will they get the job done, but they also give clients peace of mind.

If you have a strong idea and want to implement it in Ukraine, let's act together! We know how to start a business and make it profitable!
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