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When Do You Need to Screed Floors? Concrete vs Screed

It might be a bit confusing learning about the things that make screed floor and concrete different. While both of them are made with similar basic components, which are water, cement, along with aggregates, they are not the same in terms of their size, mix consistency, finish, as well as cement grade.

Screed floors are actually thinner layers of concrete poured on any base floor, helping it form the smooth coat for a stronger foundation for your top floors. This isn't similar to concrete, as creating the material will require an even coarser mix, requiring larger and tougher aggregates for excellent strength and longer lifespan.

Among all the things concrete and screed flooring own against each other, a significant feature setting them apart is the intended use of such floors.

So, when do you need a screed floor?

You will want to screed the floor when one has the desire of covering the underfloor's heating and/or get an even smoother and more robust foundation for the final floors. You should remember, though, that if you have uneven floors, it would negatively affect its strength, even when you have a top layer installed.

Typically, flooring screeds would be ordered for topping concrete slabs before they are applied on carpets, tiles, resin coatings, wooden floors, among other surfaces. They are also for coloring the floorings for better design as it protects the bottom layers of the floor.

Flooring screed isn't only used at home, but in offices and buildings as well. There are industrial floor screeds available, which are used if colorful and/or functional floors are preferred instead of just 'raw' concrete surfaces. However, if one opts for an industrial floor screed, then something stronger will be required compared to residential construction. If you believe you need to screed a floor in your home or office, then contact us at Stonehenge. We can provide you different options based on your budget and needs today!

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