1.000.000 Artillery Shells for AFU 

by Roman Cheplyk
Thursday, March 23, 2023
1.000.000 Artillery Shells for AFU 

On March 23, a number of important issues for the life of the EU will be discussed in Brussels. In particular, the defence support of Ukraine

The EU summit started in Brussels today. Several topics will be discussed: Clean zero industry law, electricity market reform, the problem of rising gas prices and regulation of CO2 emissions etc. And another essential issue is the provision of ammunition to Ukraine for the state's defence.

According to a reporter from the German Tagesschau, who is present at the summit of 27 states, the European Union is serious about preventing Russia from winning this war. The army fires around 7.000 rounds a day, reflecting the high intensity of Russia's fighting against the people of Ukraine. To help our country, the European Union is considering allocating 2 billion for the wholesale purchase of shells through international platforms, for example, the European Defense Agency. It is also possible to conclude national contracts. The goal is to transfer the supply of Ukrainian artillerymen with a million shells throughout the year. The results of the discussions will be known later.

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