1.000-Year-Old Boat Found in Kherson

by Meifan Honcharuk
Friday, July 8, 2023
 1.000-Year-Old Boat Found in Kherson

Scientists found it while exploring the shallow areas of the Kakhovka reservoir

The Kakhovka reservoir flowed in and exposed its bottom. On the shallows in Kherson, on the territory of the National reserve Khortytsya, the employees of this reserve found an old boat, which, most likely, is 1.000 years old. The boat is made of a solid oak trunk, length 680 cm, height about 50 cm.

Symbols are carved on the boat, but so far, their meaning has not been deciphered. In total, there are 30 such boats in Ukraine: in the X to XIV centuries, local residents carved this floating craft from wood and used them for fishing, logistics and other tasks.

Now the boat, found in Kherson, has been sent for restoration, where it will be dried, mothballed and restored. After these procedures, experts will conduct a radiocarbon analysis of the boat, it will allow scientists to determine the age of the boat. Analysing the condition of the wood, the scientists who found the boat claim that its age is approximately 1000 years. 10 centuries!

"The hull of the boat was preserved by 70%. During the excavations, the boat decomposed into several elements. There is a lot of work ahead. Let's hope that everything will be fine and we will keep this memo," the expert who found the boat.

Also, in the first days after the Kakhovka flood, a church appeared on land in the Kherson region. Its foundation and walls, already destroyed by water, have been under water for decades. In total, after draining the bottom, residents of local settlements found a lot of weapons and coins.

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