$1 Bln Aid to Ukraine From Denmark     

by Roman Cheplyk
Wednesday, March 15, 2023
$1 Bln Aid to Ukraine From Denmark     

The state will provide Ukraine with funds for economic, military, and civilian spheres

On March 15, the Danish Ministry of finance signed an agreement to provide additional assistance to Kyiv. Almost all parliamentarians voted for the provision of Ukraine's $1 billion It is reported that Denmark was guided by the needs of Kyiv in drafting the document's text. Therefore, financial assistance disperses for military support and maintaining the civil and commercial sphere. Financing the military sphere will take the form of transferring weapons and military equipment. Denmark also organises support for the training of Ukrainian soldiers. The civil asset has a focus on the long-term reconstruction of Ukraine. Recall that Borrell recently called on the EU to invest in Ukraine. Commercial support is aimed at the interest of Danish companies in investing and supporting Ukrainian business initiatives. Approved funds will be transferred in 2023.

"Ukrainians are fighting not only for their freedom but also for the security of the whole of Europe. With the Ukrainian Foundation, we are taking Danish support for Ukraine to a new level. This applies not least to the business sector. Danish companies can supply much of Ukraine's lack of drinking water, centralised heating and food. Therefore, we must strengthen our efforts," said Lars Rasmussen, the minister of foreign affairs.

In addition, the country's board is considering the possibility of assisting in 2024 to 2027 for a country destroyed by Russia. There is already funding for 3 years of assistance – it was formed thanks to donations in 2022 and 3 months in 2023.

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