Ukrainian Delegation Met With Representatives of the IDF

by Olha Povaliaieva
Tuesday, November 29, 2022
Ukrainian Delegation Met With Representatives of the IDF

On November 29, representatives of the MoD of Ukraine arrived in Israel to negotiate assistance in the air defence of Ukraine

Diplomatic correspondent News Israel 13 Moriah Asraf Wolberg reported that a delegation from Ukraine arrived in Israel today to negotiate with representatives of the IDF. The delegation included official representatives of the Ministry of defence of Ukraine. The topic of the talks is assistance to Ukraine in protecting our sky: assistance in the construction of anti-missile warning systems. Details are classified.

Until October 2022, Israel provided Ukraine with purely humanitarian assistance. However, after the Russian attacks against Ukrainian civilians in October, Israel began reconsidering its position in this war.

We remind you that the president of Israel provided evidence of the use of Iranian Shaheds against Ukraine. Also, our state can receive strategic weapons from Israel.

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