President Zelensky Announces Robust Security Guarantees for Ukraine

by Cheplyk Roman
Saturday, January 20, 2024
President Zelensky Announces Robust Security Guarantees for Ukraine

In his evening video address on January 20, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky revealed significant diplomatic efforts on the international front, notably regarding security guarantees for Ukraine

Zelensky mentioned that he is actively involved in meetings ahead of upcoming international events next week, focusing on strengthening relations with European Union partners and enhancing Ukraine's security framework. He anticipates that January and February will see the fruition of these efforts, including the signing of new, robust bilateral agreements.

The Ukrainian President underscored the significance of these developments, stating that Ukraine's efforts in securing these guarantees are revitalizing the global system of international law. He expressed confidence that restoring justice and security for Ukraine will have positive implications for global stability.

Defense Support and Frontline Situation:

  • Zelensky highlighted ongoing preparations for further defense support in collaboration with key global partners, emphasizing the urgency of new defense packages.
  • Over a hundred intense combat encounters have occurred at the frontline in the last day, particularly in regions like Avdiivka, Mariinsky, Lymansky, and Kherson.
  • He stressed the critical importance of Ukraine's stability and offensive efforts against Russia, expressing gratitude to Ukrainian soldiers and citizens contributing to the national defense effort.

Recognizing Ukrainian Soldiers:

  • Zelensky specifically acknowledged the bravery and contributions of soldiers like Serhii Filonenko from the 123rd separate brigade, Chief Sergeant Andriy Suchok of the 124th ground defense brigade, and Soldier Oleksandr Plahotniuk from the 38th Anti-Aircraft Missile Regiment.
  • He also paid tribute to the defenders of the Donetsk airport, noting their pivotal role in shaping Ukraine's modern history.

In conclusion, President Zelensky reaffirmed the strength and resilience of the Ukrainian people, emphasizing the necessity of victory in the war against Russia to ensure that such aggression is never repeated.

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