Russia Renounces Its Dead Sailors

by Olha Povaliaieva
Monday, April 18, 2022
Russia Renounces Its Dead Sailors

As a result of the crash of the cruiser Moskva, almost the entire crew was killed. None of the sailors are listed as dead but listed as missing

On the night of April 13-14, as a result of Ukrainian Neptune missiles hitting the Russian fleet cruiser Moskva, the ship sank in a few hours.

According to Russian media, the crew of the Moskva was about 500-760 people. Referring to the Russian Ministry of defense, the mouthpieces of the Kremlin claim that everyone has been evacuated. However, this cannot be true, as a strong storm on the Black Sea prevented the evacuation of the entire crew. In the hospital in the Rocky Bay, where the evacuees from Moskva were brought, 200 people. Where are the others?

According to the Turkish ship, which was one of the first to arrive at the SOS signal from Moskva, at 2:07 a.m., they evacuated 54 cruiser personnel. The fate of the rest of the (drowned) personnel of the ship is known to everyone, except for the parents and relatives of the victims, because Russia doesn't provide any information. What's more, Putin's agenda doesn't even include a press conference about the downing of Moskva. Putin took exactly the same position after the death of the legendary Kursk submarine and the entire crew of 118 people.

For the 4th day now, the parents of the dead sailors have been unable to obtain any information about their children. Many employees are indiscriminately listed as missing.

On April 17, the father of one of those who died on the Moskva, Dmitry Shkrebets, on his page on the social network VKontakte, spoke about the death of his son Yegor, which is disguised as “missing.”

"My conscript son, as the direct commanders informed me of the Moskva cruiser, is not among the dead and wounded and is included in the list of missing persons. The conscript, who was not supposed to participate in the hostilities, is listed as missing. Guys, gone missing on the high seas?! After my attempts to clarify the data on the incident, the cruiser commander and his deputy stopped communicating. I asked bluntly why you officers are alive, but my son, a conscript soldier, died?” Dmitry Shkrebets.

It is noteworthy that back on March 12, Dmitry actively expressed his support for Putin's course and the war against Ukraine.

“Putin, don’t change course in Ukraine, stop groveling before these scoundrels. Only forward!" Putin admirer, grieving father Dmitry Shkrebets.

The Insider news resource reports that Yegor's mother, along with her husband Dmitry, tried to find her son in all military hospitals, there were about 200 people, but not her son. To the question “Where is our son”, we received the commander's answer “Well, somewhere in the sea”. Also, parents were not allowed to get acquainted with either the list of the dead or the list of missing persons.

The mother of the sailor of Moskva, who survived, told her tragic story. On April 15, the day after the shipwreck, the son of the story's heroine called his mother to say that he is alive. The names of the heroes are not disclosed, as the sailor signed a non-disclosure agreement.

“The son said that the cruiser was hit from the land, from the Ukrainian side. The fire wouldn’t have just happened. There are dead, there are wounded, there are missing. My son called me when they were given the phones. They had documents and phones on the cruiser. He calls me and cries about what he saw. It was scary. It is clear that not everyone survived,” says the sailor's mother.

“About 40 people died. Several people went missing. And a lot of wounded. The wounded, mostly with severed limbs, because there were such explosions — both what detonated and what rockets hit,” the survivor's mother continues her story. She focused on the fact that her son was crying in horror during the conversation.

“Mommy, I never thought that in a peaceful time, in principle, I would fall into such a mess. I won't even tell you in detail what I saw. It's so scary," the sailor survivor told his mother over the phone.

“And in the media, it is clear that they do not tell all the details. Why? Because the Ministry of defense does not want to admit defeat on the part of Ukraine. He does not want to admit that such a cruiser was wrecked,” the correct conclusion of the mother.

The identity of the midshipman of the ship Moskva Ivan Vakhrushev was also established. Despite the Kremlin's claims of an "evacuated crew," his wife already mourned him. On her page on the Odnoklassniki social network, Varvara Vakhrusheva posted a photo of her husband in full dress military uniform and signed that Ivan died “in the line of duty.”

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