Russian Warship Sunk

by Olha Povaliaieva
Thursday, April 14, 2022
russkiy voyennyy korabl idi nahui

Chronology of “Moskva” from missile attacks to the bottom of the Black Sea

The Odesa regional military administration confirmed that the ship received very serious damage from a strike by Ukrainian missiles on the evening of April 13.

“They confirmed that the Moskva missile cruiser went exactly where our border guards sent it on Snake Island! The Neptune missiles guarding the Black Sea inflicted very serious damage on the Russian ship. Glory to Ukraine!" press service of the Odesa military administration.


  • 01.00 The Ministry of defense of Russia reported a fire and detonation of ammunition on the deck of Moskva. The cause of the fire is still unknown;
  • 01.05 The International maritime forum reports that the Moskva warship has sent an SOS signal;
  • 01.14 due to the detonation of ammunition and large-scale coverage of flames, the cruiser rolled over to the port side;
  • 01.47 Due to the destruction of a significant part of the ship, power was lost in Moskva;
  • 02.07 A ship from Turkey arrived to help and evacuate 54 Russian sailors from Moskva. Turkey claims that there is only 1% that a cruiser will not sink in an hour;
  • 02.48 Turkey and Romania claim that the pride of the Russian fleet, the cruiser Moskva, has sunk.

According to unconfirmed reports circulating in the Russian media, the ship was hit by Ukrainian Javelins. However, it is not. The attack on Moskva was made from Neptune missiles.

We remind you that Russia has officially confirmed the fire and detonation of ammunition on the cruiser Moskva.

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