Israel Changes Attitude to the Russian War

by Olha Povaliaieva
Monday, October 17, 2022
Israel Changes Attitude to the Russian War

Israeli minister of diaspora affairs calls for military aid to Ukraine

Iran is transferring drones to Russia. Recently, it became known that they can also supply the aggressor with missiles. Therefore, Israel no longer stands by neutrality and is preparing to help Ukraine.

"This morning, it was reported that Iran is transferring ballistic missiles to Russia. There is no longer any doubt about Israel's position in this bloody conflict. The time has come for Ukraine to receive military assistance, as the US and NATO countries do," wrote Israeli minister for diaspora affairs Nahman Shay on Twitter.

Earlier, Israel did not want to interfere in the military conflict between Russia and Ukraine. The government had provided only humanitarian and protective assistance to Ukraine in 8 months. As part of the assistance, Israel established a field hospital in the western part of Ukraine — Lviv and handed over several ambulances made of armoured materials. The humanitarian aid included helmets, flak jackets,  deminer suits, and gas masks. But Israel never delivered military assistance. The country had even rejected a request to place German anti-tank missiles under Israeli license in Ukraine.

But against the background of information that Iran supports Russia, Jerusalem will consider the possibility of transferring weapons to Ukraine that will help protect the civilian population.

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