Kakhovka Tragedy Costs Ukraine $3.5 Bln

by Meifan Honcharuk
Monday, July 3, 2023
Kakhovka Tragedy Costs Ukraine $3.5 Bln

Preliminary: $2 bln direct loss to infrastructure, business and land + $1.5 bln to the environment

The Kyiv school of economics, the Ministry of economy and the Ministry of infrastructure of Ukraine have made estimates of the damage caused by the destruction of the Kakhovka HPP. The report includes the main points of the economy, housing stock and direct damage to land, which is the main wealth of our country.

  • Housing stock. Damage — $ 950 million. Water from the reservoir flooded ≈30.000 houses in the Kherson region and over 500 in the Mykolaiv region;
  • Energy structure. Damage — $ 1.624 billion. Of these, $624 million is the cost of the destroyed station, and $1 billion is the construction of a new one. A month after the tragedy, only a few cities managed to restore water supply;
  • Logistics and transport — $311 million. The water drowned or destroyed over 290 km of the roadway;
  • Industry — $105 million. There were 105 enterprises on both banks of the Dnipro, and all of them either depended on the Kakhovka reservoir or went under the water;
  • Agriculture — $25 million. The minimum amount was set since all agricultural land was located in the frontline zone and was not used for its intended purpose (especially due to the high level of different types of mines). However, damage to irrigation systems and land erosion in these areas is easy to assess.

Damage to the environment. Already in the first week, it was $1.5 billion. All this time, animals and fish continues to die, soil and water pollution, and the Aleshkovsky sands wash away. The corpses of Ukrainian animals are washed up on the shores of Bulgaria and Romania.

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