Mandatory Cumulative Pension System in Ukraine 

by Meifan Honcharuk
Tuesday, April 18, 2023
Mandatory Cumulative Pension System in Ukraine 

On April 18, the parliament introduced a bill on decentralisation, accumulation and reinvestment of pensions

The parliamentary party proposes a model of decentralised pension reform, according to which employers/legal persons and the state will pay pension deductions from employees' wages on a parity basis, with a gradual increase in percentage during the transition period. Deductions will be accumulated in a personal account in the pension fund until the citizen reaches the age of 55. After the transition period (January 1, 2026), the citizen will have the right to choose another issuer; for example, a non-governmental fund, bank, etc. In the event of the death of the owner of the funds, they pass to his heir.

Interest rate:

  • 2023 1% of salary;
  • 2024 1.5%;
  • 2025 2%.

At the request of the applicant-employee, the interest rate can be increased to 3%. As reported by the authors of the draft law, the amount of the employer's SSС is constant, and the cumulative contribution is included in the SSС.

In addition, the state guarantees the protection of savings against inflation by investing them in conservative papers and programs.

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