Israeli First Military Assistance to Ukraine

by Olha Povaliaieva
Monday, September 26, 2022
Israeli First Military Assistance to Ukraine

Israel to provide the Armed Forces of Ukraine with its own anti-drones

The Times of Israel published an investigation by journalist Tani Goldstein Israeli defence firm selling anti-drone systems to Ukraine by way of Poland. It is known that Israel more than once officially forbade other states to transfer their weapons and technologies to Ukraine, but the article shed light on the weapons issue. One of the Israeli defence companies has decided to transfer its drone interception systems to Ukraine through Poland, which the Israeli Ministry of defence is aware of. However, the Ministry does not comment on this scheme in any way and does not prohibit the transfer of weapons to Ukraine. Thanks to Tani Goldstein, it became known that the decision to transfer weapons was made after Russia began using Iranian drones against Ukraine.

Officially, Israel does not supply weapons to any of the conflicting parties. The company that supplies anti-drones to Poland also said that it does not know how Poland plans to dispose of drone interception systems.

The exact model of antidrones is not known. However, the author of the article pointed out that these systems are being used by the IDF against the drones of Hamas and Hezbollah.

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