Russians Blew Up the Jewish Cemetery

by Olha Povaliaieva
Tuesday, May 10, 2022
Russians Blew Up the Jewish Cemetery

On the Day of the victory over nazism, the Russians dropped a rocket on the historic Jewish cemetery in the Sumy region

On May 8, Putin's "army", which came to "denazify" Ukraine, blew up the cemetery where Jews had been buried since 1824. The United Jewish Community of Ukraine has already confirmed information about the explosions. The damage done to the ancient and valuable cemetery cannot be estimated.

"Today, in the Hlukhiv community of Shostka district, Russians bombed a Jewish cemetery! This is how the Day of remembrance and reconciliation took place in the Sumy region. What kind of reconciliation can there be?! Never. Only a complete victory over fascism. It has not disappeared: today the nazis are Russia,” Sumy regional administration chairman Dmytro Zhyvytskyy.

The Jewish community of Ukraine, citing local sources, confirmed the information about the explosion and added details.

"The rocket hit the Jewish cemetery in Hlukhiv. The information became known from open sources and confirmed by UJCU sources. More than 600 tombstones have been preserved in the ancient cemetery, the oldest readable of which dates back to 1824. The damage caused by the shelling is being established. The UJCU of Ukraine planned to move the old tombstones found in the forest near Hlukhiv to the Jewish cemetery. Together with the implementation of this project, we will make efforts to restore the damaged memorial signs," the United Jewish Community of Ukraine.

We remind you that the Russians hit the Babi Yar memorial complex with missiles earlier.

On April 1, during the Russian shelling of Kharkiv, 96-year-old Boris Romanchenko, who survived 4 nazi concentration camps: Buchenwald, Peenemünde, Dora, and Bergen-Belsen, was burned alive. Russia did not let him die among his family but killed him.

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