Israeli President Will Prove the Use of Iranian Drones Against Ukraine

by Olha Povaliaieva
Wednesday, October 26, 2022
Israeli President Will Prove the Use of Iranian Drones Against Ukraine

During his visit to the United States, Isaac Herzog brought files proving the use of Iranian "Shaheds" against Ukrainian citizens and infrastructure

On October 26, Israeli president Isaac Herzog arrived in Washington to meet with Joe Biden. Emphasizing that Iranian weapons destabilize the world not only in the Middle East but across the globe, the president will provide US officials with evidence of Iranian involvement in the terrorist attacks in Ukraine.

In recent weeks, Russia has been deliberately attacking Ukraine's civilian and energy infrastructure using Shahed drones. Iran and Moscow deny the presence of these drones in Ukraine, and Iran even volunteered to help Kyiv investigate who supplies Russia with drones. The Israeli security service analyzed the wreckage of drones in Ukraine and those that Iran used in exercises in 2021. President Herzog states that "despite Iran's denials and attempt to obscure their Iranian origins by adding Russian writing," it is clear that the wreckage "are identical" to Iranian. The expertise suggests a lot of evidence of the identity and wreckage of drones: structure, dimensions and numbering, etc.

"Once again, Iran proves it cannot be trusted and that in every region where there is killing, suffering and hate — Iran is there, Isaac Herzog.

"Iranian weapons play a central role in global destabilization, and the international community must learn its lesson, now and in the future."

"In recent months, the Iranian regime has shown the world its true colours, which Israel has known for years. Nobody can ignore that the Iranian regime uses violence against its own citizens and is brutally suppressing the hijab protests with blatant human rights violations."

During a meeting with Antony Blinken, Isaac Herzog announced his intention to "expose more of the fact that Iranian weapons are being used against civilians in Ukraine."

In turn, Antony Blinken also expressed support for Ukraine and condemnation of Russian terrorism against the civilian population of Ukraine.

"We are standing together against the dangerous, destabilizing and terrorizing actions that Iran is taking in the region and well beyond the region," Antony Blinken.

"The provision of drones by Iran to Russia to enable its further against aggression Ukraine and the Ukrainian people is showing horrific results on the ground in Ukraine and it's something we are determined to stand against," Blinken concluded.

The US secretary of state urged everyone to take the measures necessary to reduce the violence on the West Bank and take preventive measures to avoid provocations.

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