$1 Bln From the USA for Ukraine

by Olha Povaliaieva
Wednesday, December 21, 2022
$1 Bln From the USA for Ukraine

On December 21, Joe Biden instructed Antony Blinken to direct the use of funds under the Foreign Assistance Act

Today, the White House website posted a presidential memo to the secretary of state delegating power under 506(a)(1) of the Foreign Assistance Act.

Using his powers, Joe Biden instructed Antony Blinken to manage the defence articles and services of the Ministry of defence and military training of Ukrainian soldiers in the amount of up to $1 billion and provide Ukraine with the necessary assistance.

This amount will include:

  • Patriot air defence and ammunition;
  • Ammunition to HIMARS
  • 500 shells 155 mm;
  • 10 units of 120 mm mortar systems
  • 10 units of 82-mm mortar systems;
  • 10 units of 60-mm mortar systems;
  • 10,000 120mm mortar rounds;
  • 37 Cougar MRAP;
  • 120 HMMWV units;
  • 6 armoured trucks;
  • HARM;
  • JADM;
  • From 2.700 grenade launchers and small arms;
  • Claymore anti-personnel ammunition;
  • Night vision devices and optics;
  • Tactical secure communication systems;
  • Body armour.

Military assistance under USAI for $850 million:

  • 45.000 shells 152 mm;
  • 20.000 shells 122 mm;
  • 50.000 shells 122 mm to Grad;
  • 100.000 units of 125 mm tank ammunition;
  • Terminals and SATCOM service;
  • Military training of Ukrainian soldiers.

We remind you that right now, president Zelenskyy is in the United States. Probably, the meeting of the presidents is taking place right now.

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