1 Magnolia — Army Boots for a Soldier-Woman 

by Meifan Honcharuk
Thursday, June 22, 2023
1 Magnolia — Army Boots for a Soldier-Woman 

In Kyiv launched a magnolias planting campaign to raise funds for women in the Armed Forces of Ukraine 

Kyiv administration of parks and recreation areas Kyivgreenbuild, Kyiv park and women's charitable organisation Veteranka opened a Magnolias raise for boots project. Young magnolia trees were planted in the Kyiv square named after Maria Zankovetska, and a QR was attached to each tree. By scanning the QR, everyone can donate from $1.5 and fill in personal data. The raised funds will be used to purchase summer army boots for women who currently serve in the Armed Forces of Ukraine. And each participant's personal data will be attached to the biography of each magnolia.

"One planted magnolia covers the needs of several Veteranka movement soldiers who serve in the front lines at once. Tactical high-quality footwear will allow you to save more wounded, walk faster in the liberated territories and leave no trace of the enemy's positions," Veteranka.

After all, every woman is like a magnolia.

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