1 Ukrainian Hit – Minus $200 Mln From Russia

by Meifan Honcharuk
Wednesday, August 30, 2023
1 Ukrainian Hit – Minus $200 Mln From Russia

Ukrainian Armed Forces destroyed Russia's latest military development "Predel-E" in the Kherson region

In June 2023, Russia's armed forces presented a new military development – the military-industrial complex Predel-E (Limit-E). The occupiers immediately brought it to the occupied territory of Ukraine – the Kherson region. The declared price of 1 such complex is $200 million.

However, on August 28, the Southern Ukrainian Defence Forces, on the official page, reported the completion of the work of Predel-E. Ukrainian military destroyed the installation and attached photo evidence. The defenders also reported that the system for equipping the monitoring of surface and air territory Predel-E was protected by a modern electronic warfare complex, Leer-2.

So with one precise Ukrainian strike, the Kremlin lost the "mystery" of the location of its latest developments, the developments themselves, $200 million and the opportunity to monitor the actions of the Ukrainian army on sea and land.

Every step and every Ukrainian brings Ukraine closer to victory. Glory to Ukraine!

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