100 War Machines Remain in Germany

by Olha Povaliaieva
Wednesday, May 25, 2022
100 War Machines Remain in Germany

Olaf Scholz blocks the supply of military weapons to Ukraine

The German tabloid Bild reports the hypocrisy of Germany towards the tragedy in Ukraine. At the same time, the media refers to the information received from the official letter of the defense Ministry.

Everyone knows that the German manufacturer of military equipment Rheinmetall a month ago came out with the desire to sell Ukraine 100 infantry card Marder. General director of Rheinmetall Armin Papperger said about the possibility of delivery of the first Marder party to Ukraine in no more than three weeks. But the company needed to get the order. The order was not received.

The author of the material published in Blind said that the Social-democratic party of Germany and Olaf Scholz does not want to give Ukraine weapons for effective aid. The government claims that there are no infantry fighting vehicles in Germany that can be provided to Ukraine.

Having 2 mirrors suggests that the Bundeswehr has blocked a solution that would help Ukraine save dozens of lives. Moreover, this conclusion is supported by the opinion of political analysts and defense experts.

"We could be much more effective in supporting Ukraine's struggle for life and territory. The Federal government is constantly stalling and delaying action. This position is objectively no longer susceptible to explanation," expressed his opinion about the ongoing defense expert Florian Hahn.

Earlier journalist and politician Andrii Pyontkoovskyi expressed his opinion about Germany and France

All publications of popular media have corroborating facts. For example, the Ukrainian military found a French thermal imager in the system of the downed Russian aircraft Orlan-10. This tool helps to detect live targets and strike to kill.

So, blocking the decision to deliver combat vehicles from the Rheinmetall plant to Ukraine is another proof of Olaf Scholz’s game in 3 countries: Germany, Ukraine, and Russia.

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