Germany Announced the Weapon Supply Again

by Olha Povaliaieva
Monday, May 23, 2022
Germany Announced the Weapon Supply Again

Olaf Scholz declared readiness to hand over artillery ammunition, interception equipment, and lethal weapons to Ukraine

Germany has long refused to supply Ukraine with its weapons. Germany has long been blocking or delaying the supply of Marder and Leopard tanks. However, Olaf Scholz promised to hand over the tanks Gepard. Also, on May 22, it became known that Germany had agreed to acquire weapons for the country opposing the Russian Federation. According to the federal chancellor, Ukraine will receive:

  • Unidentified aircraft;
  • Anti-tank weapons;
  • Means of interception;
  • Ammunition;
  • Supplies for artillery combat.

The German chancellor does not specify the terms for the transfer of military aid, as everything will be ordered specifically for Ukraine. According to Olaf Scholz, the state will acquire weapons from the manufacturers.

"We have invited the German armed industry to tell us what materials it can deliver shortly. Ukraine has now made a sample of this list, and we will also provide her with the money needed for the purchase," said Scholz.

How quickly the manufacturers of military equipment in Germany will respond is unknown. There are also no specific deadlines for manufacturing weapons and their delivery to Ukrainian defenders. 

Political scientist and publicist Andrii Pyontkovskyy believes that Germany could significantly delay deliveries. In his opinion, Berlin and Paris can play on 2 fronts. The political scientist believes that the slow pace of decision-making and the long process of arms deliveries to Ukraine is due to the unwillingness of Germany and France to leave the leading positions. What is at stake is that the victorious country always creates a global security system. This means that if Ukraine wins the war that Russia started, Ukrainians, Americans, and Britons will play a decisive role in the world's modern history.

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