Japanese Technologies Will Counteract Russian Drones in Ukraine

by Meifan Honcharuk
Thursday, July 13, 2023
Japanese Technologies Will Counteract Russian Drones in Ukraine

On July 13, the PM of Japan, Kishida Fumio, announced at the NATO summit the transfer of a new aid package to Ukraine

The politician said that due to the war of Russia in Ukraine, the international arena is actively changing. Countries settle relations to strengthen the rule of law and prevent warriors and change other countries' status through force. However, Ukraine is now under Russian fire, so prime minister Kishida Fumio has announced an aid package. It will include Japanese systems to detect unmanned aerial vehicles. Ukraine needs such military reinforcement to detect Russian UAVs and Iranian drones, which Russia systematically receives from a secret ally. 

The politician also said that Europe and the Asia-Pacific region should work for rapprochement, including strengthening ties with NATO. The readiness to strengthen relations with the alliance demonstrates Japan's readiness to help Ukraine confront a major aggressor.

Recall that the early leader of Japan visited Ukraine. During the visit, the protection of Ukrainian cities from attacks by Russian drones was also discussed. So, Japan announced a $30 million aid package.

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