12 More “Caesars” From France

by Roman Cheplyk
Tuesday, January 31, 2023
12 More “Caesars” From France

On January 31, Sebastien Lecornu announced the provision of additional aid to Ukraine

A joint press conference was held today between the ministers of defence of Ukraine and France Oleksii Reznikov and Sebastien Lecornu. During the interview, minister Lecornu said that Paris had launched a fund to support Ukraine in the amount of €200 milion. As part of the work of this fund, Ukraine can count on an additional 12 Caesars. Also, France will send 150 instructors and specialists to Poland, who will train 600 Ukrainian soldiers every month.

Earlier, France had already transferred 18 Caesar to Ukraine and planned to send 6 more. Also, in cooperation with Australia, France will supply Ukraine with 155 mm shells compatible with Caesar.

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