15 Medals Won by Ukrainian at the International “Olympics of Geniuses”

by Roman Cheplyk
Friday, December 10, 2021
15 Medals  Won by Ukrainian at the International “Olympics of Geniuses”

What are the "Olympics of Geniuses," and how many Ukrainian projects have received awards

The Olympics of geniuses is a worldwide competition dedicated to environmental projects. The age of the participants became a peculiarity of this contest of minds. Students in grades 8-11 can only submit competitive projects. Every project has the possibility of being represented in the United States. Here everyone can prove themselves and attract investors to their innovative projects.

Since its foundation, Ukrainian children have participated in the world's largest competition for school environmental projects. So, Ukrainian startups from school children have already participated in the Olympics of geniuses for 10 years.

A new step in the project's development was creating a national competition that is unique in history. Thus, Ukraine is the only country where competition is held at the state level.

In 2021, young Ukrainian scientists had already shown themselves internationally, taking 15 medals. School projects won 8 special awards, 4 bronze medals, and 3 silver medals.


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