£16 Mln for the Liquidation of the Kakhovka Tragedy 

by Meifan Honcharuk
Tuesday, June 13, 2023
£16 Mln for the Liquidation of the Kakhovka Tragedy 

The UK will fund the work of the Red Cross, the United Nations and the International Organisation for Migration

The British embassy in Ukraine has released information on assistance to Ukrainians affected by the Russian bombing of the Kakhovka hydroelectric plant. The state government allocated £16 million to help Ukraine in several directions. £10 million will be transferred to the Red Cross, £5 million to the UN Department of Humanitarian Affairs, and £1 million to the International Organisation for Migration.

In addition, Great Britain directly cooperates with the Emergencies service of Ukraine, which daily searches for, rescues and evacuates Ukrainians from the water, even in the territories temporarily occupied by the Russians. The state handed over boats, filters, water pumps, water overalls, etc., to the Ukrainian heroes. Also, additional trucks with the necessary equipment and humanitarian aid are heading to Ukraine.

As part of the Partnership for a Strong Ukraine initiative, Great Britain has already handed over 2 lifeboats for evacuating people, search and rescue equipment and emergency aid to employees of the state emergency service in the affected Kherson.

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