Implement of the Ukrainian Company «EMGo Technology» in the Green Future of Our Planet

by Mila Glushchenko
Thursday, September 30, 2021
Implement of the Ukrainian Company «EMGo Technology» in the Green Future of Our Planet

“EMGo Technology” prepared to release a powerful innovative electric motorcycle “ScrAmper” to the global market

It's not a secret that the ecological situation of our planet is deteriorating every day. Therefore, in recent years, people all around the world are trying to switch to electric vehicles. The main advantages of electric vehicles are cheaper bills for electricity, in comparison with gasoline, ride comfort, comparative reliability and durability of engines, and, of course, the absence of harmful emissions to the air.

One of the most innovative and environment-friendly companies in Ukraine is EMGo. They are famous by producing eco-transport and building the first professional certified center of development and production of "green products" in Ukraine. It will be based on European industry standards.

EMGo Technology has taken care of both, the environment and motorcycle enthusiasts. They prepared to release a powerful innovative electric motorcycle ScrAmper to the global market.
The company emphasizes that, unlike world electrical analogs, ScrAmper has retained the style and character of a motorcycle which running on gasoline. EMGo Technology uses a gearbox from a gasoline motorcycle, which gives acceleration dynamics and makes this electric motorcycle special.

ScrAmper’s main characteristics:

• Battery power 10kW;
• Fast charge time: 50% — 50 min, 80% — 90 min, 100% — 120 min;
• Parameters of the serial ScrAmper are 130 km/h maximum speed, up to 160 km mileage in an urban environment and up to 110 km mileage at maximum speed parameters;
• The charger is integrated into the motorcycle, provides high charging speed. ScrAmper is equipped with a powerful onboard charger that allows it to be charged at stations for electric cars and from the household network.

The pricing policy is also quite affordable. In comparison, the retail price of ScrAmper is $6.5k, while its closest competitor ZERO FXE costs about $12k. At the same time, the power of the ScrAmper battery is 10 kW, while the ZERO FXE has only 7.2 kW, which is impressive.

The planned mass-production launch date is December 2021, in China. In the near future, this model is expected to enter the world electric car market, where it will confidently compete with the top companies of the market.

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