2 Processing Plants Open in Kyiv Region

by Olha Povaliaieva
Friday, September 9, 2022
2 Processing Plants Open in Kyiv Region

On the basis of the law "On waste management", 2 large plants for the processing of domestic waste will be built near the capital

The minister of environmental protection and natural resources of Ukrain,e Ruslan Strelets said that today his department is negotiating with investors on the implementation of a map of waste processing capacities in Ukraine. The first 2 factories will be built shortly, then — 10 factories. The total number of factories, according to the already formed plan of the Ministry, is 200. Currently, active work is underway to create a base for the first 2 plants on the territory of Boryspil, Brovary and Fastov communities in the Kyiv region.

"About 2.5 months ago, people's deputies adopted a framework law On waste management. Today we are starting the implementation of the reform with a specific practical case. In fact, we are fulfilling the instructions of president Volodymyr Zelenskyy and are finally starting to overcome the waste invasion. Because our goal is a clean environment and a clean Europe," Ruslan Strelets.

The plant's uniqueness is in the use of various processing methods: biological waste will be processed into biomethane, and another type of waste will be fed to the allocation of resources of valuable materials — scrap metal, glass and plastic. The planned capacity of the plants will be about 110-120.000 tons per year at the first plant and 35-100.000 tons at the second.

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