Adoption of the Law on Waste Management

by Olha Povaliaieva
Tuesday, June 21, 2022
Adoption of the Law on Waste Management

On June 20, the parliament of Ukraine adopted a law on waste management and recycling, which is necessary for obtaining an EU candidate and full membership in the future

The Ministry of environmental protection and natural resources of Ukraine announced on its portal the adoption of a law, the development of which began last year, but the adoption was delayed due to Russia's attack on Ukraine.
On June 20, the law on governance was adopted by a majority vote of parliament. Based on it, other targeted laws on waste management, recycling and disposal will be developed and adopted in accordance with EU environmental requirements.

"The ultimate goal is to make waste management more efficient and safer for people and the environment. Therefore, we thank the people's deputies for their work and an important decision that will allow Ukraine to overcome the accumulation of waste and become one step closer to full membership in the European Union", Ministry of environment.

This law is the start of the introduction of a European, environmentally friendly approach to waste management, optimization of specialized infrastructure, and reorganization of waste collection sites. From now on, those responsible for pollution will pay the appropriate income and be responsible for environmental pollution.

It is known that because of the war, Ukraine became littered with rubble. Basically, it's construction waste. In accordance with the legal framework for recycling, the fragments of old houses will be recycled into building materials or safely disposed of.

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