20 November — World Children’s Day

by Olha Povaliaieva
Sunday, November 20, 2022
20 November — World Children’s Day

The EU Council promised Ukrainian children to create a "second home"

In 1954, the United Nations General Assembly established a vital holiday, World Children's Day, on 20 November. In today's world, this day serves as a reminder of children's rights, their places, and their need for peace. On all other days, parents and teachers try to ensure a happy childhood. Nevertheless, some children will not see the consciousness of adults this year or completely revise this day's meaning. These are children from Ukraine. The neighbouring state destroyed their everyday lives. Even the world today sees Children's Day differently. 

For example, the Council of the European Union reminded the world of children from Ukraine. The organization recalled that human rights begin with children's rights. Unfortunately, the Russian Federation has violated many laws by starting armed aggression against Ukraine and its children. This was written on the Facebook page of the EU Council.

"The EU's temporary protection ensures that all children who fled Ukraine after Russia's war of aggression can attend schools in EU countries," added the press service.

It is worth noting that while Russian fathers mail stolen books and toys to their children, Ukrainian parents continue to care for their children even at a distance. This became even easier when the volunteer association launched Better Time Stories for children and parents separated by Russian "liberators". Any relative can read a book to the child and hear it wherever they are.

Unfortunately, this project can be helpful for many children and parents. As of 20 November 2022, 11.225 illegally deported children from Ukraine to Russia are known. At one point, these numbers will always be higher because some children are orphans — there's one to look after them. Also, part of the territory is still occupied and shrouded in the petrifying secrecy of what is happening. Ukrainians have to believe in the best and fight for every child.

But some children will never be able to celebrate World Children'sDay. Since 24 February, 437 children have been killed and 838 injured.

World Children'sDay should remind everyone that there is life behind every number, and every child should have a chance to be protected.

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