Read Fairytales to Children of Ukraine

by Olha Povaliaieva
Tuesday, October 4, 2022
Read Fairytales to Children of Ukraine

Ukrainian "Better Time Stories" project gives to Ukrainian refugee children audiobooks read by the voices of their parents

On the night of February 24, more than 8 million children became children of war. For 1 night, more than 2 million Ukrainian children became refugees. Many of them have lost their parents, and absolutely everyone has lost his home. The Ukrainian organisation Better Time Stories launched a digital book project to support Ukrainian children who are now thousands of kilometres away from their families and everything they love.

Better Time Stories is a philanthropic volunteer initiative to support refugee children and bring charities together. Now Better Time Stories has launched a project where everyone can record their reading of the 5 books through a particular application and send this book as a gift to their child in another country. Imagine a child sitting in a foreign country listening to 101 lighthouses, which his mother reads for he/she with love.

"Yes, children can hear a book read in the voice of their father or mother, brother or sister, grandmother or grandfather," the project creators say.

For €15, each participant in Better Time Stories receives 5 books and their own audio versions, which will soon be in the hands of a child. The project is under the patronage of the princess of Holland and the first ladies of Ukraine, Austria and Germany.

Several Ukrainian celebrities have already recorded audiobooks and made book gifts for Ukrainian children. The set includes books selected by the Ukrainian Institute of Books: My Ba, 101 lighthouses, The war that changed Rondo, Bison looking for a nest and An idea for a million. These native stories are familiar to every Ukrainian child. You can take part in the project here.

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