$200 Mln US Military Assistance Package

by Meifan Honcharuk
Tuesday, August 8, 2023
$200 Mln US Military Assistance Package

Additional assistance to Ukraine is expected to be announced on August 9 as part of a $25.5 bln package

Reuters, citing anonymous officials close to the project, reports on the preparation of another US Department of defence assistance package for Ukraine. It is reported that the official announcement will be made on August 8. Preliminarily, the $200 million package will include:

  • Anti-tank missile systems;
  • Demining equipment;
  • Shells for Patriot and more.

This is the last batch of weapons under the US Congress program of $25.5 billion. It is also expected to prepare a $6.2 billion package, which was revealed after a slight miscalculation in the total cost of the assistance provided.

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