Zelensky Named 5 Priorities and Development Goals of Ukraine

by Meifan Honcharuk
Monday, July 3, 2023
Zelensky Named 5 Priorities and Development Goals of Ukraine

One of them is $1 trln GDP in 10 years

On June 28, the president communicated with his office and named 5 doctrines necessary for discussion and development: philosophy of victory, national security, Ukraine for heroes, a policy of justice for citizens, and state transformation.

The development of Ukraine in the next 10 years deserves special attention because it is the most stunning and complex point. According to Shmyhal, Ukraine is setting an ambitious but not impossible goal:

"Ukraine's GDP should amount to a trillion dollars in 10 years."

For this, our state must conduct powerful internal work under the leadership of the Ministry of economy. How this goal will be achieved:

  • Creating a strategy;
  • Assigning leading roles to private business and finance;
  • Creation of jobs;
  • Reduction of the participation of the public sector in the private sector (private is private);
  • Development of state privatisation under the leadership of the State Property Fund of Ukraine;
  • Completion of corporate governance reform;
  • Digitisation of all public services;
  • Inclusion of Ukrainian products in international production chains.

The minister emphasises that the state will make every effort to develop the processing sector. From now on, Ukraine will not send raw materials abroad but will process them and produce the finished product itself. This is especially true of wood.

Task #2 in this area is to create transparent relations between the government and the people and improve the social situation of citizens. In addition to fair payments and social protection, the state proposes to create a Dream system aimed at caring for children: health, protection, education, insurance, etc.

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