$24 Mln Canadian Military Aid Package for Ukraine 

by Meifan Honcharuk
Tuesday, September 19, 2023
$24 Mln Canadian Military Aid Package for Ukraine 

Canadian mod Bill Blair announced the provision of new military assistance to the Armed Forces of Ukraine 

$24.38 million will purchase the weapons necessary for the AFU. Funds from Canada will come through the British initiative International Fund for Ukraine within the budget, adopted for the summer of 2023. Recall that in June, during a visit to Kyiv, prime minister Justin Trudeau announced the allocation of $360 million for the needs of Ukraine's defence.

The Canadian politician said the new tranche is necessary to protect Ukrainian cities from Russian attacks on critical infrastructure. Therefore, it is assumed that military assistance to Kyiv from Ottawa will include more than 100 short-range and medium-range anti-aircraft missiles and spares for launching missiles. Earlier, Canada had already provided the defenders of Ukraine with more than $8 billion for aid: missiles AIM-7, artillery ammunition of the 2 most popular calibres — Leopard 2A4, repair and recovery vehicle, anti-aircraft missile system NASAMS and more. From the first days, Canada helps Ukraine survive in a terrible war.

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