2nd Refugee Camp in Prague

by Olha Povaliaieva
Monday, May 30, 2022
2nd Refugee Camp in Prague

"Ceske Noviny" says firefighters are setting up another camp for 150 people

There are many refugees at the railway station in Prague, most of them Roma. The second tent city will be built just for them. In addition to a place to relax, the camp also has sanitary facilities and playgrounds for children. It is known that today there are 357.566 forced refugees from Ukraine in the Czech Republic. The vast influx of Ukrainians caused the Czech Republic to seek help from the EUAA (EU Asylum Agency).

We remind you that the government of the Czech Republic has ratified the law on the residence of Ukrainian refugees in their state. This version of the law prohibits the provision of temporary protection to citizens of the European Union. The norm is forced since many Roma from Ukraine have dual citizenship (the 2nd — Romanian and Hungarian). Still, they come to the Czech Republic because of better conditions and higher social benefits.

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